Natural wooden beads in assorted colors that can frame any eyewear elegantly. 
The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to how you accessorize an outfit. There is a thin line between looking like the stylish, fashion aficionado you are or like a kid who got his hands on mom’s jewelry box. 
The difference is in the details. Strap your prescription glasses or designer shades with a chic wooden eyeglass holder strap from Cat & Cow. Make sure always to send the right message whether you are meeting your boss, a client, or your soulmate. 
Choose from a large line of beautiful wooden eyewear holders. Browse through all the different styles available and find the perfect eyeglass neck strap to complement your style and personality. There’s something for everyone here!
Soothing Tones
The right wooden eyeglass holder strap will protect your expensive glasses while helping you look stylish. And, what better way to go about this style than to buy wooden eyewear holder in soothing earth tones. Pale wooden beads contrast with dark brown beads to create an exquisite symmetry. These eyeglasses and sunglasses straps cords are a great way to dress up neutral tones while showing off your great sense of style. 
Vibrant Colors
There is nothing more joyful than an eyewear retainer made from colorful wooden beads. Our 100% handmade multicolored wooden eyeglass holder strap epitomize the style of creative souls and daring people – true to one’s roots but wearing bold designs in a stylish way. Mixing beige beads with light brown, green, and red beads, Cat & Cow’s retainer will add a splash of color to any attire. 
Stylish Black and Read Eyewear Retainers
A common misconception is that dark wood beads are dull. We here at Cat & Cow want to challenge this belief with our black and red wooden eyeglass holder strap. You can wear them at almost any occasions, from an important office meeting to a fun date with your friends. You can build a wardrobe around them and match them with pretty much anything in your closet, from colored shirts to little black dresses. Stylish, functional, and comfortable, they will help you keep your glasses secure all while giving off a classy vibe. 
This wooden eyewear holder is handmade with toughness and reliability but with a classic style in mind. 
A Unique Collection of Wooden Eyewear Holders
Looking for an elegant way to keep your glasses safe and accessorize a dull outfit? Browse Cat & Cow’s awesome collection of eyewear retainers and find wooden holders that you will want to wear everywhere. Whether you are looking for a high-class eyewear retainer in neutral tones or for a colorful wooden strap that will highlight your sense of style and personality, we are confident that the products available in our store can please any taste and preference. 
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