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You’ll Want This Black and Red Eyewear Retainer for Everyday Use
Looking for a powerful eyewear retainer that speaks to power, sensuality and practicality? Something, perhaps, that wears well at work and during leisure time?
The WE4 black and red wood bead eyewear retainer strap gives you that sexy, confident presence and more.
Small black beads predominate the cord, intermixed with a subtle pattern of sixteen red wood beads for visual interest. The pattern of red beads mixed with the black fades as they travel upward to your neck. There’s just enough red to be strong without being brass or overpowering.
The color combination can be a perfect way to show your support for your favorite  sports team or school, and red is a favorite accent for black because it works well by day or by night. It may become one of your favorite accessories when you’re wearing your eyeglasses, because it keeps them handy in a style the complements your fashion sense.
The wood beads are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for accessorizing, and you won’t have to worry about sensitivity to petroleum products against your skin. Most people tolerate wood with no problem. Wooden accessories are the rage among eco-conscientious fashionistas who want to look great and be mindful of natural resources at the same time.
Wood beads are also incredibly lightweight, which can be important when you wear anything around your neck, especially because of this lanyard’s longer length. Your eyewear retainer certainly shouldn’t  wear you down with unwanted weight, and these wood beads will keep the lanyard light and comfortable.
The eyewear retainer attaches to your optical glasses with easily adjusted loops.
  • Model. WE4
  • Material. Wooden bead
  • Color. Black + Red 
  • length. 72 cm 
  • Width. 0.5cm
  • Weight. 18g
  • Function. Fashoin eyeglasses Strap

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