Never lose your eyeglasses again with a silicone eyewear retainer from Cat & Cow.

It’s pretty much our job to keep you updated with the best in eyewear accessories and regularly update our collection with trendy and quality lanyard for glasses. That is why at Cat & Cow, you can always find a vast selection of sunglass retainers in an array of styles, color, and sizes. 

One of the best eyewear retainer straps you can find? 

The silicone cord for glasses.

Perfect for Everyday Wear

You are not rafting down furious white waters or trekking through challenging routes every morning on your way to work. However, you still need the best sunglass retainer for your daily activities. 

Switch your floating sunglass lanyard for this chic and soft eyeglass retainer made from silicone. Available in a variety of styles and colors, they are sure to meet almost any style and preferences. Get your stylish new silicone eyewear necklace today.

Functionality Meets Style

When you take the best silicone fabric, have them handmade with special attention to quality and details, and add the desire to create the best eyewear retainer, well that is an eyeglasses cord you will want to wear all day long.

Stylish yet durable, our silicone eyeglasses straps are an excellent way to avoid losing your glasses while looking gorgeous and feeling your best. Beautifully crafted from high-quality silicone, they come in solid colors, such as light brown or green. Simply stylish, they will frame your face elegantly and will go just right with any type of frame and eyeglasses design. 

Never Lose Your Sunglasses Again

We know how annoying losing your favorite pair of sunglasses can be. That’s why we spent a lot of time curating our collection of best sunglass retainers. If you are an active person who spends a lot of time hiking, fishing or simply walking around, these silicone retainers should become a staple. 

Stop scratching, breaking or losing your glasses! Our best eyewear retainers combine the benefits of a regular eyeglass neck strap with the quality and durability of the quality silicone material. Take care of your glasses with a strap that is sturdy and stylish like the silicone retainer from Cat & Cow. Would you rather keep your expensive sunglasses in your pocket or purse or on a reliable and fashionable strap? 

If you are looking for a chic but sturdy eyeglass neck strap, look no further than Cat & Cow’s collection of silicone retainers. Complete your collection of leather lanyard for glasses, wooden eyeglass necklace, and floating eyewear retainer with a new cord that is sure to become you next go-to eyewear accessory. 

Find true peace of mind knowing that you will never again lose your prescription glasses and sunglasses. 

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