Complete your look with one of our shirts. 
The right shirt will look great under a suit, exquisite under a tux and casually-chic paired with jeans and a sweater. It will frame your face elegantly during a presentation and absorb perspiration during a difficult round of questioning. 
Your shirt speaks for you. While you don’t talk with every person, your shirt is one of the most powerful items that tell people about your style, personality, and status. Make sure it says what you intent.  
The fabric
The shirts at Cat & Cow are made from cotton blend with other fibers. The garment is, thus, stronger, more breathable, and better looking than regular cotton shirts. Some of the shirts at Cat & Cow are blended with linen to create a cool summer shirt. Fibers like rayon or polyester add a glistening shine and texture that can give you a sophisticated look. 
Not only that the shirts at Cat & Cow are extremely comfortable to wear, but they don’t wrinkle easily, and they dry fast. 
The Color
Cat & Cow shirts are available in a wide array of color and sizes to suit any style and preferences. You can wear them with combat pants in a casual setting or match them with dress pants at special events. A Cat & Cow shirt can easily be matched with almost anything in your wardrobe – from chinos to suits – and it will always look good. 
The finger rule
The way a shirt fits is just as important as the fabric or the cut type. If the length and the width can be trimmed, the collar size can be adjusted so you’d better make sure if fits you perfect otherwise you are stuck with it. 
Make sure you can easily fit one finger between the collar and your neck. If you can’t fit your finger comfortably between the collar and your neck, then it is too small; if you can fit two fingers, then it’s too big.
One shirt, multiple options
The shirt is a unique item every man should have in his wardrobe. It can be worn for cocktails, for office meetings, for nights out or even at the church. You can match it with almost anything in your closet. It will look spectacular paired with a pair of casual pants and with solid brown calf oxfords. It will also look amazing matched with jeans and snickers. It can highlight your sports jacket, or it can be the centerpiece of your outfit. There’s nothing you cannot do with the right shirt. 
Aware of the multiple possibilities a shirt can offer, Cat & Cow offers a wide variety of shirts that suit every style and preference. 
If you are looking for quality shirts, look no further than Cat & Cow. We bring you the trendiest shirts, in many colors, sizes, and styles. Browse and find amazing deals on fashionable men’s shirt.
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