Brand: Cat&Cow
Product Code: LC87-GR
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An Eyeglass Strap as Comfortable as Your Favorite Sweater
Look closely and you’ll see interlocking black and white stitches in the nylon weave, almost simulating the casual pattern of a well-made hand knit sweater. From afar this eyeglass neck strap appears gray, so it’s a great accessory to wear with anything.
Fasten your optical readers or your sunglasses to the 60 cm eyeglass neck strap and you’ll have a way to keep your glasses as handy as they are out of your way. This shorter strap is a good length for active people who have a lot to do and want to be hands free as much as possible.
The simple, unaffected design of this eyeglass neck strap remains unmarred by the sight of end toggles. Your prescription eyewear or sunglasses arms slip right into the ends of the retainer cord, and they’ll remain there quite snugly until you are ready to change out your frames.
A single large, black, plastic bead holds the strap in place at the back of your head or your neck. This ergonomically designed bead slides along the cord length easily, making personalizing your fit easier than ever. Even big fingers can grasp the bead easily.
This retainer strap is adventure ready, but you’ll find it just as comfortable when you need to wear your glasses inside while doing close work or watching the TV.
The LC87-GR gray eyewear retainer strap is the accessory you’ll find yourself wanting to wear over and over again, just like that comfy sweater you like to wear with your jeans.
  • Model. LC87-GR
  • Material. Nylon
  • Color. Gray
  • Overall length. 60 cm 
  • Width. 1 cm
  • Weight. 17g 
  • Function. Fashion eyeglasses Strap,sports

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