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The Secret is Out with the Best Sunglass Straps for Men
The LC87-BR brown eyewear retainer strap is one of the best available sunglass straps for men.
A lot of men don’t want to wear a lanyard or other neck strap for fear of looking like they’re wearing a necklace. They will tell you that even plain lanyards can feel like a piece of gaudy jewelry unless they are truly inconspicuous.
Here’s a little secret: men will wear and even appreciate a sunglass lanyard if the lanyard looks masculine enough.
Fortunately, this brown retainer strap delivers on not only masculine looks, but also on performance and strength.
The brown khaki color is neutral enough to go with anything you wear, and the strap won’t stand out as an accessory. Instead, this best sunglass strap for men delivers uncompromising quality and endurance.
The strap is made of nylon, which is a lightweight yet strong fabric found in parachutes and sails. It’s also easily washed if the lanyard becomes soiled. Each end of the lanyard will fasten to your sunglasses arms with gorilla clips that hang on for dear life. Your sunglasses aren’t going anywhere when you have them fastened to this brown eyewear retainer strap.
Use the toggle switch at your neck to adjust the length of the cord, depending on what you are doing. Longer lengths allow you to take off your sunglasses without losing them, and shorter lengths can keep your sunglasses secure on your face.
This lanyard is a discreet option for men who need a retainer cord but don;t want something ostentatious.
Now the best sunglass strap for men can be yours. Don’t tell anyone that women can wear it, too. That can be our little secret.
  • Model. LC87-BR
  • Material. Cotton
  • Color. Brown
  • length. 60 cm 
  • Width. 1cm
  • Weight . 19g
  • Function . Fashoin eyeglasses Strap,sports

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