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Eyeglass Neck Strap

All Comfort and No Distraction in an Eyeglass Neck Strap widely used as a Sunglass Retainer

You will not find a better eyeglass next strap than this thick eyeglass retainer that will assure you maximum comfort without any interference. 

The rope is designed in such a way that it complements any kind of eyeglasses; whether you have havana print frames, a neon chic sunny of your favorite designer eyewear. 

Your eyeglass neck strap comes in a monochromatic color scheme which means that it is your eyeglass and nit the sunglass retainer that is the center of attraction; since the string takes second place your sunspecs still remain prominent. 

This retainer for sunglasses has a single adjustable strap in the middle which allows you to customize its fit according to your taste or body size, whichever you prefer. 

The best thing about your eyewear retainer is that it doesn’t have any plastic or rubber strips; it has a nylon strap that appears to consume the handles of your shades allowing for a hassle-free transfer from your dark glasses to the sunglass retainer. The straps are placed inwards to enhance comfort levels. 

One more thing that you are going to appreciate apart from the stylish design of this retainer for sunglasses is of course the luxury and safety. The comfort level is the result of the material that is woven nylon; don’t get deceived by the silk-soft feel and imagine it is something even a child can break; nothing could be further from the truth. 

This sunglass retainer lets you enjoy your shades with minimal inconvenience

Model. LC87-B
Material. Nylon
Color. Black
Overall length. 60 cm
Width. 1 cm
Weight. 18g
Function. Fashion eyeglasses Strap, sports

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