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The Colours of the Rainbow in One Stunning Eyeglasses Cord
Don’t be fooled. The LC86-R fancy red nylon eyewear retainer strap contains much more colour than just the red in the name. In fact, you find the colours of the rainbow in this one stunning eyeglasses cord. 
The pinks and purples, reds and yellows, and even blues and greens alternate in a random pattern along the length of the cord, and the result is a visual delight, looking almost like primitive beadwork or freshly cut flowers. 
Imagine the pleasure of being able to enjoy vibrant colours from your garden day after day. Now the rainbow colours of your zinnias, roses and pansies have been gathered into one bright nylon cord, and it’s just as fresh as a bouquet of flowers.
These colours won’t dry up and fade. This round nylon cord will wash and wear well, and the colours won’t bleed either. They will remain distinct and bright for quite a long time. Nylon is a durable synthetic fiber engineered to resemble silk, so you know it’s tough.
The silver end caps of this retainer cord feature a clear coloured rubber loop and silver band so that you can easily attach and remove the eyeglasses cord on your favorite sunshades or eyeglasses. That’s important, because you’re going to want to wear the colours of the rainbow everywhere you go. 
This is a medium length eyeglasses cord that is particularly useful for suspending your readers at a height where they’ll be the easiest to reach.
The best part, though, is that these fresh colours will make you smile every time you reach for this nylon retainer cord.
  • Model. LC86-R
  • Material. Nylon
  • Color. Colorful red
  • Overall length. 67.7 cm 
  • Width. 0.9cm
  • Weight. 25g
  • Function . Fashoin eyeglasses Strap

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