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Product Code: LC86-DB
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Put Color wHere it Belongs with the Dark Blue Eyewear Retainer Cord
When you’re looking for that standout lanyard for your eyeglasses, you’ll want the LC86-DB colourful dark blue nylon eyewear retainer cord, and there are several reasons why.
First of all, you’ll be drawn to the vivid colors. The dark blue has been accented with white, yellow, red and green, in a way that is reminiscent of the billowed sails you’d see on boats at the regatta. These primary colors are playful and fun, and they’ll create a joyful look for the eyeglasses you attach to them.
The alternating colors create visual interest, and this eyewear retainer cord looks best against a solid white shirt or a brightly colored polo shirt. It’s a fun accessory for those times when a big splash of color is necessary, and that sense of fun performs just as well in the workplace as it does during your leisure time.
The silver-colored fasteners at the end of this dark blue retainer cord keeps the overall look light and crisp, and the fasteners adjust easily so that you can move this cord back and forth between your optical eyewear and those sunnies you want to wear to the lake.
You’ll love the infinity edge on this eyewear retainer cord, because there’s no seam to catch in a necklace clasp or get tangled in your hair. The nylon cord is all about ease and comfort, and you’ll like how well it wears. This retainer is also one of our longer lengths, making it more practical than ever.
It’s also washable, so you can keep these colors as fresh as the day the day you purchased your dark blue nylon eyewear retainer cord.
  • Model . LC86-DB
  • Material . Synthetic fabrics
  • Color . Colorful dark blue
  • length . 67.7 cm 
  • Width . 0.9 cm
  • Weight . 24g
  • Function . Fashoin eyeglasses Strap

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