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Product Code: LC86-BU
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A Bright Choice in Nylon Eyewear Retainer Straps 
The LC-86-BU colourful blue nylon eyewear retainer strap is much more than just the colour blue, although the brilliant cobalt color predominates along the cord. You’ll also find green, yellow, red, black and white; together these primary colours give you a fusion of colour that pops brightly. The pattern almost suggests a string of brightly coloured beads.
You’ll never forget your nylon eyewear retainer strap with this colourful beauty.
Capped in silver at each each, the lanyard complements any sterling jewelry you wear, and it will never clash with the bright colours of the lanyard itself. 
A colourful neck cord like this is all about coordinating. There are also white rubber loops to attach to your eyeglasses or sunglasses frames, and white is a far less obtrusive colour than the traditional black loops seen on similar retainer cords.
This is a medium-sized nylon eyewear retainer strap that works well in a variety of situations. Wear this lanyard to rev up your sunglasses or enjoy the bright colours with your optical glasses or readers.
The nylon cord is round, so it moves easily around your neck. In fact, it’s lighter than many necklaces and many wearers consider it more comfortable than they jewelry they normally wear.
Because this strap is made of nylon, it will wear well and clean well. You’ll be pleased that the colours won’t bleed or fade with extended use. They’ll look as tip top as they do now, and that’s important because you’ll want to use this retainer cord for a long time to come.
  • Model. LC86-BU
  • Material. Nylon
  • Color. Colorful blue
  • Overall length. 67.7 cm 
  • Width. 0.9cm
  • Weight. 0.12g
  • Function. Fashion eyeglasses Strap

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