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White Camo Matters in Your Sunglass Accessories Straps
If you are a hunter who finds yourself frequently in and out of snow conditions, you know how important white camo can be to your sports wardrobe.
In this case, your camo print can’t be just any camouflage print. It has to be camouflage white, which is the choice of winter sportsmen and women. Your jacket, leg coverings and even your accessories can be designed to help you make the most out of the season.
Use a sunglass accessories strap like the LC11-CW camouflage - white neoprene eyewear retainer strap to hold your sunglasses in a fixed position for easy use. 
Even if you have no inclinations to shuffle your snowshoes around the forest in the name of sportsmanship, this white camo accessories strap is a crisp-looking print that speaks to your ruggedness.
The white, spruce and black camo print on the sunglass accessories strap is perfect for winter wear, but you’ll find that you can enjoy it any time of the year. Maybe that’s because this retainer is made from lightweight neoprene, the synthetic material that is both comfortable and consistently durable.
You’ll find that this strap is durable enough to wear on any adventure. It’s a one-piece retainer designed to grip your sunglasses with the tenacity of a polar bear, yet lies as softly on your neck as a rabbit’s whisker. 
The print is a sophisticated interpretation of traditional camouflage, and as such, lends itself well to urban chic style. Wear your white camo sunglass accessories strap with sleek shield style sunnies with white acetate frames for cool look.
The camo print you select matters; now you can get it in the retainer of your choice.
  • Model . LC11-CW
  • Material . Neoprene 
  • Color . Camouflage - White 
  • Overall length . 41 cm
  • Width . 2.5cm
  • Weight . 20g
  • Function . Fashoin sports,eyeglasses Strap

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