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The Best Sunglass Retainer for Sportsmen and Women
Are you looking for the best sunglass retainer for your sports apparel? Look no further than the camouflage brown neoprene eyewear retainer strap.
This retainer is a simple one-piece strap that performs well under the most rugged of conditions. Printed in traditional camo colors, the strap is the perfect accessory for sportsmen and women, as well as hunters and other outdoorsmen.
You’ll love how the neoprene actually resists heat and even the oils from your skin. That’s especially important when you’re in the woods hunting whitetails, holiday turkeys or Sasquatch. It’s equally as important if your hunting expedition is as simple as eradicating that bothersome ant hill in your backyard. Your lanyard should help you hang onto your sunglasses in any situation.
When you need a durable lanyard to hold your sunglasses, you want the best sunglass retainer you can find. This campo retainer is made of neoprene, the same material used in scuba and surfing wetsuits, so you know it will stand up to a lot of action.
Designed with the active user in mind, the ends of this wide strap have been sewn to specifications that snugly hold the temporal guards of your sunglasses; there’s no chance of your shades slipping away or falling off the lanyard. This particular strap also has a shorter 40cm length keeps your shades from getting in the way of your rifle or other gear when it matters the most.
Go ahead, wear this brown neoprene eyewear retainer strap all day long. It’s one of the best sunglass retainers you can find. It’s also one of the most comfortable. This neoprene strap will survive some of the most extreme weather conditions as well as nearly anything else you can throw at them. 
  • Model. LC11-CB
  • Material. Neoprene
  • Color. Camouflage - Bwown
  • length. 41 cm
  • Width. 2.5cm
  • Weight. 20g
  • Function. Fashoin sports,eyeglasses Strap             

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