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One Strong Eyewear Retainer Strap
A lot of leather eyewear straps tend be exceptionally masculine. The colors black and brown predominate the leather lanyard landscape, but sometimes you need a statement lanyard that is tough and feminine.
The LA7-P pink leather eyewear retainer strap gives you just that. 
You’ll adore this braided leather strap for its intricate weave. The tiny braid has a narrow diameter, but it’s the braid that gives this leather lanyard exceptional strength. 
You can count on the pink leather eyewear retainer strap to hold your eyeglasses or readers time after time, without worry that the cord will break, causing you to drop or lose your eyewear. As durable as this leather lanyard is, it will lie softly against your neck. Again, it’s the tightly woven braid that allows the strap to bend and move so comfortfortably.
Finally, the eye hooks in each silver cap also give you freedom of movement, which can be important as you put on and remove your optical eyewear.  You won’t be fighting a cord that can only lie one way. Instead, you’ll have a great range of movement.
The soft pink color of this leather neck cord is a pleasing and gentle pastel, the same shade as a morning that dawns over the lake’s rising mist. It’s a hue you’ll be able to wear with a variety of colors and tones, but don’t let its softness fool you.
The pink leather eyewear retainer strap is as strong as you are, and it will be with you every step you take.
  • Model. LA7-P
  • Material. leather
  • Color. Pink
  • Overall length. 75.6 cm 
  • Width. 0.5cm
  • Weight. 19g
  • Function. Fashoin eyeglasses Strap

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