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Product Code: LA7-BU
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Establish Your Heritage with a Braided Leather Cord for Glasses  
Traditionalists who like classic, tailored looks prefer braided leather eyewear retainer straps. 
These regal lanyards convey a sense of sophisticated timelessness and well-deserved luxury that other retainer straps don’t provide. The detailing and style makes you look distinguished.
Braided leather cords for glasses have their origins in the military, where reliability, durability and uniform looks matter greatly. The present day use of these lanyards has expanded significantly from the days when only military personnel used them, but their strength and good looks still matter today, and these lanyards are just as reliable and good-looking as ever. 
Transcending time and generations. these cords for glasses are destined to become vintage heirlooms that are as comfortable in the boardroom on a Monday morning as they are in your favorite armchair on a Saturday afternoon.
Enjoy the same style, quality, and strength with our LA7-BU dark blue leather eyewear retainer strap. You’ll get that vintage look you love and more with this cord for glasses. The braid shows that you care about attention to detail, and the blue color is serene and calming while being at itss professional best.
This particular eyewear retainer strap is crafted from PU (polyurethane) leather, so you can get it wet without becoming cracked and brittle as it dries, unlike natural leather that requires significantly more care. You’ll be enjoying your supple dark blue leather eyewear retainer strap for a long time to come. Don’t be surprised if others in your family begin eyeing it, too.
When you want retro-style eyewear retainer straps, think PU braided leather retainer straps and Cat & Cow, where you know you’ll find what you are looking for every time. 
  • Model. LA7-BU
  • Material. leather
  • Color. Dark blue
  • Overall length. 75.6 cm 
  • Width. 0.5cm
  • Weight. 17g
  • Function. Fashoin eyeglasses Strap

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