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The Classic Black Leather Eyewear Retainer Strap
The LA7-B black leather eyewear retainer strap gives you more than functional service; it distinguishes you as someone with a classic sense of fashion and style. 
Using a leather lanyard for keeping up with small accessories has been a favorite of busy people with exceptional taste. The leather is a sturdy and organic material that wears well over time, becoming ever softer and more supple with use. 
This black leather eyewear retainer strap consists of a tight braid of leather, capped at each end with a silver fastener and a swivel eye hook to allow movement of the neck cord without tangling or kinking. The detailed braiding serves in two roles. First, the braid is stronger than a single leather strap, so you get a strong neck strap that doesn’t require a greater width or diameter. Second, the braided detail looks stylish.
Eye hooks fasten to black rubber loops that attach to your temporal arm guards. All it takes is a slide of the tiny silver band to secure them, and you’re ready to take your eyeglasses anywhere you go.
The black leather eyewear retainer strap can also be paired with sunglasses for an upscale look; however, wearing the lanyard in water is not recommended.
This particular lanyard is a convenient length of 60 cm; you’ll find that it holds your optical eyewear or readers right where you need them -- within easy reach.
And that’s what a good lanyard should do: keep those glasses handy and with classic style.
  • Model. LA7-B
  • Material. Leather
  • Color. Black
  • Overall length 76.5 cm
  • Width. 0.5cm
  • Weight. 19g
  • Function . Fashoin eyeglasses Strap

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