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BN29,Beaded eyewear retainer strap
Wear This Beaded Eyeglasses Cord to Hold Your GlassesDo you forgot where you last sat your readers d..
FC46-B,Blue floating eyewear retainer
Floating Eyewear Retainer Keeps You Hands-FreeFor those lazy days spent tubing on the river, you got..
FC46-R,Red floating eyewear retainer
This Red Floating Eyewear Retainer is the BombWhile red is a great color that anyone working in EMS ..
LA7-B,Black leather eyewear retainer strap
The Classic Black Leather Eyewear Retainer StrapThe LA7-B black leather eyewear retainer strap gives..
LA7-BU,Dark blue leather eyewear retainer strap
Establish Your Heritage with a Braided Leather Cord for Glasses  Traditionalists who like cla..
LA7-LBR,Lite brown leather eyewear retainer strap
With this natural, stylish and comfortable light brown variant of our LA7 leather eyewear strap seri..
LA7-O,Orange leather eyewear retainer strap
The orange variant of our LA7 leather eyewear retainer strap series shows everyone around you that y..
LA7-P,Pink leather eyewear retainer strap
One Strong Eyewear Retainer StrapA lot of leather eyewear straps tend be exceptionally masculine. Th..
LA7-R,Red leather eyewear retainer strap
Be Bold with the Red Leather Eyewear Retainer StrapAre you the type of person who loves classic styl..
LA7-W,White leather eyewear retainer strap
A Leather Eyewear Retainer Strap for All SeasonsKeeping your optical eyewear at arm's’ length is eas..
LA7-Y,Yellow leather eyewear retainer strap
The sunny yellow version of the LA7 eyewear leather retainer strap series is for a bright and cheerf..
LC10-B,Black nylon eyewear retainer strap
Your Ultimate Black Nylon Eyewear Retainer StrapLooking for a discrete lanyard to hold your sunglass..
LC10-BR,Brown nylon eyewear retainer strap
The Comfortable Brown Polyester Eyewear Retainer Strap Earthy types who love to get in a whole lot o..
LC10-BU,Blue nylon eyewear retainer strap
The Blue Nylon Eyewear Retainer May Remind You of Blue Skies AheadBlue skies are a reminder to grab ..
LC10-LG,Light green  nylon eyewear retainer strap
Find Your Energy with This Eyewear Retainer CordWhen you need an eyewear retainer cord, you have ple..
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