Cat & Cow Distributor
Cat & Cow invites you to join us in letting the world rejoice high quality fashion wear, while enjoying an unending list of benefits we have for our distributors. You can easily expand and enhance your personal business by becoming our distributor or reseller. We have some amazing perks and great profits to share with you on the sales you will make.  
If you have the drive to expand and enhance your business, we welcome you to become a part of our global network. 
About Our Company 
Cat & Cow has established its reputation as the supplier of high quality fashion items and accessories online. Our products, along with the packaging, can be customized to suit the taste of your target market and to match your branding needs.  
Quality is our foremost focus, in terms of products and service alike. All our products are designed and manufactured in the finest factories in Europe,USA,China. The quality of our products will translate into higher customer satisfaction and bigger sales. 
Why Join Us? 
Cat & Cow gives you all the opportunity you need to expand your business with minimum constraint and more flexibility. We aim to create an eco system where the advantage is equally shared between the suppliers, distributors, and the customers. That is why our terms are more lenient and distributor-friendly than that of our competitors. 
We offer our resellers an incentive bigger than most suppliers, helping your earn on an annual basis. Ultimately, you will find your profits swelling and your business growing at a pace you desire.  
What Can You Sell? 
Cat & Cow has a huge list of fashion items and accessories that can be customized that will help you set your business apart with a distinguished identity of its own. These are the items that remain in-demand throughout the year: 
Casual Pants
Tactical pants
Cargo pants
Eyewear Retainer
Leather products
Canvas tote bag
If you wish to learn more about the terms, conditions, and incentives for our distributor, get in touch at   Email.