About Cat & Cow 
Cat & Cow is the revolutionary eShop that offers the freedom to completely customize high quality fashion items and accessories online. We bring you a wide array of fashion products made from the finest quality material, ready to be personalized with the artwork or details you provide. We cater to individual buyers as well as distributors and retailers looking for best value. 
All our products are sourced from our trusted manufacturers in Europe and are designed in facilities fully equipped with the technology and the talent that ensures the finest quality and fastest turnaround. With our office in Hong Kong, we ensure a quick delivery and a prompt customer service across the region. 
Our Products 
At Cat & Cow, we stay as informed about the latest styles and trends as our clients, but we focus on the fashion that tends to be evergreen in nature. We understand the sentimental value of a personalized fashion items and that is why we bring you an array of products that you can hold on to for years to come. 
Our primary products include:
T-shirts for men and women
Polo shirts for men and women
Tank tops for men and women
Leather wallets 
Leather accessories 
Men underwear 
Casual Pants for men and women
Tactical pants 
Eyewear Retainers 
Canvas and tote bags
All our products are available in unique designs created by our finest designers at work and printed through the most avant-garde techniques and technology. Each item is also available for complete customization as needed. We will also customize packaging as per your requirements. 
We keep adding new items to our inventory on a frequent basis. Be sure to make a round every now and then to find the products you are looking for. 
What Sets Us Apart? 
Cat & Cow is a customer-focused company that aims to improve customer experience by delivering great value through our products and service. Our focus on the quality and value is what sets us apart from our competitor. 
While the quality or product, material, and service is imperative to our objective, we also enhance the overall customer experience by offering the most flexible terms or business. Whether you wish to buy fashion and accessories online for personal use or as a distributor, we will offer terms that are suitable to your specific needs. 
Cat & Cow strives to become the emblem of satisfaction, a brand you can trust as a buyer and as a partner. If you wish to learn more about the benefits you can enjoy as our distributor, take a look at our ‘Distributor Section’. 
For more information regarding any other aspect of our business, feel free to get in touch with our customer service representative through the contact us form.