Cat & Cow Design Studio   
Cat & Cow is where we believe in offering products and services that live up to your imagination just as they live up to your expectations. That is why we offer a complete customization service to our customers and resellers. You can now sell our merchandise with your own designs and logo, delivered in a package that can be customized with the same convenience and control.
Whether you want a special personalized gift for a loved one or need products that hold your brand’s identity, we promise to meet all your requirements at minimum time and cost, without any compromise on the quality of our products. 
Here are some of the advantages of choosing our customization service. 
More Flexibility - OEM & ODM 
Cat & Cow offers both OEM and ODM services. Through OEM service, you can let us create a product out of your design and idea. From fabric to print, everything is under your control. As an OEM company, however, we can do all the legwork for you from design to manufacturing. You get both the services under one roof, with guaranteed quality of service and products. 
More Freedom – Choose Your Fabric 
With our extensive inventory of products, you get more freedom to expand your product line or create unique customized products. You no longer have to limit your creativity to T-shirts as we have a long list of customizable items in high quality. Our main offerings include T-shirts, polo shirts, casual pants, tactical pants, hats, leather accessories, and bags, etc.  
More Flexibility – Customer-friendly Terms 
You can trust Cat & Cow as a company where customers come first. Our terms and conditions bear testament to how much we care about the ultimate value that is delivered to you. Our terms are more lenient than any of our competitors. There are essentially no limit and restraint as to how you can get your product customized. We can change many of the details including the print, the fabric, and buttons if needed. 
Complete Customization Same Quality
No matter how much you choose to customize our fashion accessories and item, there is one thing that remains constant every single time – the quality. Each and every product is sourced from Europe and is manufactured in the high-end facility where quality-control is beyond exceptional. 
You get the finest fabric, the best print, and products that can help you establish your brand’s reputation on. If you are an individual seeking personalized items as gifts or souvenirs, rest assured that you will have a product that will stay in its best shape through years to come. 
So, get ready to create a difference with customized items and distinguish your brands from the others. Get in touch with us at email. and find out more details regarding our customization service.